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About Us

FowlBound is a Minnesota-based company built on a passion for building smart, functional gear. We got sick of spending hard-earned money on products that solved one problem but created another. Our products aren't designed by think tanks or design firms. They are designed by us, a group of regular guys who live and breath the outdoors and use these products every time we hit the field, forest or swamp.

If it's not something we'd wear or carry in our own packs, it won't be in our catalog.

FowlBound is a veteran owned company and proudly supports the men and women who defend this country and operate on the front lines here at home.

We offer a 10% discount to all active-duty military, veterans and first responders...and always will.

Joe Paese: Co-Founder

Nicknamed "Bushcraft Joe" for good reason. Joe Paese is the mountain man mcgyver of the group. Experienced in all things hunting, fishing and survival related but with a professional background in making things. Joe runs the field with Tito's son Luca, and when he's not hunting or fishing you can usually find him working on developing a new product for the FowlBound lineup.

Brennen Varone: Co-Founder

Brennen is the Swiss Army Knife of FowlBound. Being an Eagle Scout, USAF Veteran with over 500 combat missions and a S.E.R.E. Graduate, Brennen is seriously passionate about hunting, camping, overlanding and all things outdoors. You'll typically find him obsessing over the best way to bring you new gear.

Hunter Kamm - Brand Ambassador + Product Strategy Lead

Hunter Kamm and Tito are FowlBound's brand ambassadors and our resident experts in all things hunting and dog training. Hunter is one of the few handlers out there to have earned a NAVHDA Versatile Champion title on his Small Munsterlander, and the two of them frequently put more birds in the freezer during a single season than most people bag in a lifetime. You'll see these two in most of our videos and social media posts.

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