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XT Dog Water Bottle

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Gregg Sutton
Fowlbound Dog Water Bottle

Perfect for the upland hunter!

Matthew Risk
Brilliant Product

The ease of use for both dog and owner makes this a grand slam. Love how instantly my 9 going on 10 month old lab took to drinking from it. Almost second nature for him. I like how easy it is to grab with the long spout when it is in one of my front game pouches.

Greg Scott
Just Right!!

Great product and functions as advertised! My dog Lenny is like a water Buffalo in the field. Glad I got two!

Tight fit on chef upland bottle holder

Bottle a little too big for chef upland vest bottle holders. Exchanged bottle with a bottle that fit and can still use nozzle. Works great!!!

Good to know! The dimensions of our bottle should be nearly identical to the green and orange bottles with a 'G' printed on them. Thanks for the heads up.

The only dog water bottle of it's kind
Designed specifically to help keep your dogs better hydrated in the field so they can stay safe and work their hardest.
Buy 2 - Save +10%

Unlike the regular sport bottles often seen in hunting vests, these water bottles are designed with an extended tip to help teach your dogs to actually drink their water instead of gulping air. They allow the handler to get water into the back of their dog's mouth and are far easier for the dog to naturally understand and use.

If you struggle to water your pups with traditional water bottles, this is the water bottle you need!

The extended nozzle also helps solve the problem of the "unreachable water bottle" by giving you something to grab onto and pull it from that hard-to-reach spot in your pack. 

If you do anything in the outdoors with dogs, you know just how important it is to keep them hydrated. Dogs can't expend heat like we can by sweating through their skin, instead they're forced to expel it by panting, which is why it's critical to carry water and make sure your dogs are actually drinking it in the field. 

Water your dogs with a bottle designed specifically for the job.

Keep your best buddies safe and hydrated with our purpose built field bottles!



  • Holds 1000ml / 1L

  • BPA Free / Pop-Top / Leak Proof

  • Reduces Wasted Water and Gulping Air

  • Chomp-able Extended Nozzle

  • Intuitive - Especially for Puppies

Tips for Watering Your Dog:

1. Introduce the bottle when your dog is hot. 

Some dogs are bottle shy at first however, we have found that if you run your dog before introducing them to our bottle there is a very high adoption rate. The design is incredibly intuitive and almost all dogs will figure it out in just a few seconds when they're hot. 


2. Don't squirt your dog in the face. 

Not many dogs enjoy getting blasted in the face with water. The design of our bottles allows you to put the water where it needs to go instead of forcing your dog to find the water. 

3. Put the nozzle in the corner of your dogs mouth. 

Put the nozzle in the corner of your dogs mouth and aim it towards the back of their throat. Your dog will probably chew on the nozzle, that's totally normal. This will allow your dog to drink more effectively and prevent wasting water on the ground. 

If done correctly your dog will be able to drink more, avoid gulping air (which can lead to serious intestinal and stomach related issues), and allow you to stay out hunting and training in the field for longer periods of time.  

FowlBound is a veteran owned company.

We offer a 10% discount for all active-duty military, veterans, and first responders.

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